melmec™ provides end to end web solutions.
We provide web building and design services, software and application building, integration solutions, e-commerce solutions and Online marketing.
Our team is completely committed not only to provide basic services, but also doing everything possible to allow your business to expand rapidly.
For melmec™, the customers are the most important assets. We will do our utmost to provide the best, using the latest technologies.
For us "Your success is our success" is not just a slogan, so we have a winning team of experts who can deal with all the aspects of your marketing plan - from designing a beautiful web site, to overrunning the optimal ideas for your business promotion. One of our major objectives is to define trends in the internet and not just to follow them.
melmec™ serves a wide range of customers in a variety of areas and offers services to any type or size of business: Hi - Tech, legal, start up businesses, retail, real estate, finance, medicine and any other type of business.
Our methodology strictly demands that We should work together with customer teams, using innovative technologies and approaches to define the unique business processes, existing sources of information and infrastructures. We then, effectively, build software requirements and specifications which are bright and clear. All the way and during all phases of the project, we encourage customer involvement.
We offer our customers a wide range of web-based software development and integration solutions: customer relationship management systems, ticketing systems, legacy systems, e-commerce, Web sites, etc. We offer our customers a comprehensive service - from planning to maintenance.
Contact us today to find out how our e-commerce, web design, online marketing and application building services can support your business strategy.