We make every effort in order to keep the process as simple as possible, in order to make things easier for the customer and for the professional teams.
The following steps characterize the majority of our processes:
Step 1: Initial setting
At this point we will formulate with you the requested scope of the project. We will understand the goals, requirements and business needs, and build your proposal accordingly. If we have a "go", we will perform the requirements gathering stage and get the most information possible to ensure project success.
For us, this is the most important step and we invest all our efforts in it.


Step 2: Design
At this stage we produce the initial design for the system. This design gives a general idea of the structure. Now begins an iterative process where the customer gives his comments and feedback, and formatted changes are served to the customer again, until the design meets the goals and requirements.


Step 3: Content Writing
In this step the content of the site is written. This is a very important step, because content is what makes the website, a website optimized for you and your needs, and not just another website. Good content is also an important element in promoting the site in search engines and we invest many efforts in adjusting the right keywords.


Step 4: Construction
Following approval of the proposed system design, actual construction begins. At this stage we also collect or design the required graphics. Here, like the previous stage, will be an iterative process where the customer gives his comments and feedback, changes are made and served to the customer again, until you get a winning system.


Step 5: Finalize and Delivery
After completing all phases of development iterations, the site is transferred to the customer. Here we also handle matters like domain name registration and hosting, if needed. We will transfer all relevant files also to the customer and we'll make sure that the site "up in the air and running".