ecommerceBusinesses today need and want to sell their products and services online. If in the past e-commerce solutions were complex, today- establishing an e-business is in your reach.
melmecâ„¢ provides the ability to build your online store, and integrating it into your business easily. Managing the online store will also be a very simple task after the construction phase, as we are providing a set of functional tools. 
We will do the customization process and adjust the online store exactly for your needs, including - categorizing products, customer behavior analysis and inventory management.

The main goals of doing e-businesses are:
  • Business running 24x7, throughout the year and outside working hours. 
  • Reducing overhead and operational costs.
  • Displaying valuable information about products and services.
  • Improving your business' reputation and credibility which improves the business of the physical store in addition to the online one.   
  • Improved customer satisfaction - customers have easy access to those services and products they seek. 
  • Improved SEO for your website.

We offer - 
  • Support for credit and debit cards. 
  • Support for PayPal. 
  • Fully secured and encrypted buying process. 
  • Express Checkout.
  • Easy online store management from any internet connected location.
  • Fully customizable and scalable online store.
  • User-friendly and high usability design. 
Why wait? Contact us now and start selling your products online!