ORMOnline Reputation Management (ORM) and Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM) involve the research and analysis of the business reputation as represented by the online content. Reputation is a very important point for every business and it can be affected by competitors, unsatisfied customers, former employees, etc.
ORM is about monitoring traditional journalism as well as user-created blogs, comments, ratings and reviews.
The Internet revolution created a state where information is accessible from anywhere and at any time. This of course has a very positive contribution, but sometimes it can have a negative effect on business' reputation.
In the process of ORM and SERM we need to take offensive actions against the source responsible for the damage. It mustn't be done via attacking the source and starting confrontation. It should be done by putting the spotlight on the positive points of the business. The damage control may include - new positive blog posts, massive article writing, press releases, webcasts and all other reputation correction methods relevant for the certain situation.

We offer -
  • Discussing the problematic issues by representatives with a positive approach in social networks.
  • Performing SEO related actions in order to push down negative results by pushing up the positive ones.
  • Posting positive comments to articles by representatives.
  • Publishing positive blog posts.