SMMSocial Media Marketing is all about the use of social networks, wikis, blogs, communities or any other online collaborative media for marketing. Nowadays, common social media marketing tools include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, Wikipedia, delicious, RSS, Orkut, YouTube and others. The contributors in social networks are the users themselves, that's why they are so powerful and popular.

The main target here is to enhance the popularity of the site and your business using the various social networks.

The main goals are -
  • Reaching to potential fans of a brand or business to promote a message by themselves in multiple online social media platforms (i.e. fan pages in Facebook and Twitter).
  • Creating a positive Buzz around your business and brand.
    By replicating a message through users, the Buzz is created and this is what makes social media marketing work. It hasn't had to be directly related to the product, as viral campaigning can be successful through amusing stories and messages, with the business logo included.


Our Social Media Marketing service offering may include -

  • Creating fan groups (i.e. Facebook / Twitter).
  • Bookmarking on social bookmarking sites (i.e.
  • Using viral videos (i.e. YouTube) or other viral content.
  • Sharing great photos in photo sharing sites (i.e. Flickr).
  • Sharing compelling presentations (i.e. SlideShare).
  • Participate in discussions in relevant forums Q&A sites.
  • Podcasting.

Today, using social networks is very powerful and many businesses enter this area, as you can reach target audience that may not be reachable in other platforms.