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Web Applications
appbuildingIn melmecâ„¢, we understand that our customers want to receive full and comprehensive solution in one place. Our team of experts will fit you the appropriate technologies that will meet the functionality and budgetary requirements for your business.
We build applications in a methodological way, from collecting requirements, through designing and building databases to designing user interfaces and handling usability.
In the process of building the application, we will consider:
  • The platform which the application will be located on.
  • Who will be the main users of the system.
  • Points of interface, if exist, of the system with other systems.
  • The design.
  • The nature of the system.
  • The type of information and security.


Technologies we use:


Customer Relationship Management

CRMCustomer relationship management is a system that allows the management of any prospect / customer activity. It is a strategic factor for any organization, small or big. When using CRM systems, we use technology in order to organize, automate and streamline all processes involved in managing customer relationships.

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Ticketing Systems

ticketingTicketing systems (also called service calls management systems, service desks, etc.) are systems that allow users to contact the support group in an organization, usually on Computing and IT related issues. The system allows a central management for these calls. The system is used for creating, updating, reporting and resolving problems.
The system also allows construction of a knowledge base that contains information about troubleshooting common problems, known bugs and FAQ's.

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Blogging & Communities

bloggingBlogging systems enable quick, easy creation and maintenance of web blogs. Like other content management systems, here simple tools also allow creating, editing, adding pictures, comments, online distribution (RSS) and other important capabilities.
Community management systems allow you to manage forums on various topics with very simply adaptation to your specific needs.

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Custom Solutions

customsolWe understand every business can have its own specific needs, and often it's difficult to answer this need by using a simple off-the-shelf software or service.
Custom application development is often complex and requires knowledge, experience, and recognition of the field which the business deals in.

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