CRMCustomer relationship management is a system that allows the management of any prospect / customer activity. It is a strategic factor for any organization, small or big. When using CRM systems, we use technology in order to organize, automate and streamline all processes involved in managing customer relationships.
CRM systems are mostly used around the sales activities, and also include tasks related to marketing, customer service and technical support.
The primary target for using a CRM is to find, attract and win new customers, nurture and retain existing customers, attract former customers to return, and reduce the overall costs of marketing and customer service.
The main goals of CRM system:
  • Streamline the management of all processes related to potential and existing customers.
  • Higher sales productivity.
  • Market share Increase.
  • Streamline sales and marketing processes.
  • High overall profitability.
  • Improved customer service brings to preservation of existing customers and up-sale possibilities.
  • High efficiency of the service centers.
  • Targeting customers based on profiles and focus groups.


melmecâ„¢ offers -
We offer a comprehensive solution that will allow you to manage all processes related to each customer, prospect and vendor from one central location. No more distributed documents which no one can manage.
flyerboxOur offering includes -
  • An integrated solution that enables organizations and individuals to follow all interactions with customers, prospects and suppliers effectively, including e-mail, price quotes, contracts, contact information, documents, faxes, scheduling and more.
  • One central place of management, so different parts of information won't be scattered in different systems.
  • Efficient and orderly system for tracking sales processes with prospects.
  • Very simple implementation and customization.
  • A system that users love to use. Even those with little knowledge using computers.
  • Web-based system.
Like large enterprises, small and medium businesses also find value in CRM system usage, which eventually translates to increasing sales, streamlining processes and increasing customer satisfaction.