ticketingTicketing systems (also called service calls management systems, service desks, etc.) are systems that allow users to contact the support group in an organization, usually on Computing and IT related issues. The system allows a central management for these calls. The system is used for creating, updating, reporting and resolving problems.
The system also allows construction of a knowledge base that contains information about troubleshooting common problems, known bugs and FAQ's.
Every call in the system is documented and contains all relevant information regarding it, including - a unique number which will be used for tracking and updating, user information, the type of the problem, contact information and any other details that will provide relevant information for handling the request.
All interaction with the user will be documented until the issue is resolved. Once problem resolved, relevant and common issues will be entered to a "knowledge base" for future use by other users who will encounter the same issue.
The user will be able to know, at any moment, what is the status of his request, who is the support rep handling his issue, see what was the solution and will always be updated, which will increase the satisfaction from the IT department.

melmecâ„¢ offers -
We understand that each organization has its own specific needs. We learn your organization, the current methods and the IT structure. Then we define the solution and return to you with our proposed approach.
We provide self-developed systems and also implement systems from third parties according to the organization's unique needs.

Our system includes -
  • Service call management.
  • Role-based user management.
  • Automatically routing calls in accordance with the appropriate nature of the request / issue.
  • Documentation of all correspondence in the team internally and also with the user.
  • Automatic input of relevant solutions to a knowledge base.
  • Full interfacing with e-mail.
  • Management of the various resources relevant to the IT.
  • Reopening of closed tickets.
  • Tracking IT team performance by managers.


Organizations at the outset or other small organizations, can find value in such use, because it lets you manage all requests in an organized manner and records any matter for future use.