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Web Building and Design
webmelmec™ creates a unique site for you by using a group of internet professionals, project managers, developers, designers and QA. We leverage the dynamic skills and experience of our team members for creating creative design and branding solutions that target interest and enthusiasm which motivates visitors to take action.

We take into account your marketing goals, and develop a comprehensive plan focused primarily on your target. We use "customer centric Web Design methodology", which was developed carefully, ensuring results.
We create websites that work to promote your business, and that will seamlessly merge into your overall branding image.
We offer our customers -
  • Custom Web Sites
  • Redesigning existing sites
  • Complete solutions
The traditional approach of collecting text and images together and then publishing them on the Internet has created a collection of sites that simply do not do their jobs well. In melmec™, we know that web design involves a lot of work - and we're not afraid to roll up our sleeves and do what needs to be done.
When we design a website for you, we:
  • Consider your existing branding and image, and of course and the primary target audience. We take into account your budget, who your customers are, and the field of your business. Our site designers will do the design for you personally - not one that is suitable for everyone in your field.
  • Make sure that your customers can easily find what they are looking for. For this reason we try to understand who the customers are and what are they trying to accomplish from using you web site. Then we make sure that they indeed can easily find what they need. This helps to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Invest in usability factors. your website needs to be accessible to everyone, so we take into account all possibilities - from browser or device the access was made, bandwidth usage, operating system, etc. Our QA teams perform any types of testing on any environment to ensure that everyone can use your website perfectly.
  • Use all possible tools. We use the latest technology in order to create a website visually appealing and yet fully functional. We listen to you when you want to give feedback and ideas, so we can create the website you want.


Corporate Web

corporatewebThe days when a web site was just only "the face of the business" are over and today the site is a central part of the company's marketing concept.
Web site development requires not only a skilled team of designers and technical people, but also people that will have the appropriate understanding of the market in which the business operates.
Successful design requires conceptual clarity and ability to see the overall solution in a complex business image.

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Small-Medium Businesses

smbwebThe future of a business and its development horizons sometimes depend on the internet utilization. Good website, which transmits a serious picture, can promote the business further.
Regardless to the size of your business, your website can assist you in communicating with many potential partners and customers. Usually, the website provides potential customers, employees, partners and others, a first impression about your business.

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CMSAt melmec™, we want to give you the ability to modify the contents of your site as you want. The days of static websites are behind us, and now a web site must be updated on a weekly basis.

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Flash Sites

FlashSitesFlash technology has changed significantly the way sites look today. If in the past the web sites were very static, now - the flash approach puts the user experience in the center. This increases the amount of time the user stays in the site, which ultimately is useful for the business.

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