CMSAt melmecâ„¢, we want to give you the ability to modify the contents of your site as you want. The days of static websites are behind us, and now a web site must be updated on a weekly basis.
We provide you a content management system which is very simple to use, even if your knowledge using computers comes down to sending an email.
This web application allows managing and controlling a dynamic collection of web material (HTML documents and related images). This system makes it easy to create and manage your site and provides functions for maintaining the site with no effort.
CMS is usually used in the following cases-
  • When site content changes often.
  • When you are limited in the time you can spend on updating the site.
  • When your business operates in a global environment.
  • When you have a content based site that contains more than 500 pages.
  • When you need to allow collaboration from different geographies, while maintaining consistency and reliability.
  • When the maintenance costs are very high.

melmecâ„¢ offers -
  • Editing content from different locations simultaneously.
  • Advanced Media Management.
  • Ability to create content on your own using a simple GUI (like working on a word document).
  • The ability to change the appearance of the site by the user.
  • Warning and reporting on any changes to existing content.
  • Establishment of forums / polls / votes quickly and use anywhere on the site.
  • Managing permissions and user roles.