FlashSitesFlash technology has changed significantly the way sites look today. If in the past the web sites were very static, now - the flash approach puts the user experience in the center. This increases the amount of time the user stays in the site, which ultimately is useful for the business.

The main goals of flash sites:

  • When the presentation is the main thing - Flash will probably will be the way.
  • In cases where visual appearance is critical. For instance: photographers sites, makeup artists sites, architects sites and more.
  • When you want to keep your visitors for a long time in your website and want them to get a real experience from using your it.
  • Great for online training and tutorials and when a combination of sound and graphics is needed.
  • Marketing campaigns.

The melmecâ„¢ approach
Many flash web sites we see out there are really not functional and can cause the opposite result, where the visitor gets annoyed and leaves the web page immedialtely.
This usally happens when the website is designed only for "making noises and visual effects", and not where a true thinking was made.

The flash sites we create, focus first of all on the business functionalities and needs. On top of the business layer, we design the user interaction and experience layer. This creates sites that really do the work and leave a strong impression on the user.

Flash web sites can be a real challenge when dealing with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Our team will build the right package for you, which will enable balancing between the visual needs and the SEO needs. Flash modules can also be implemented in "regular" web sites, so we can also tailor the right solution for you, which will be satisfactory for both aspects.

melmecâ„¢ offers -
  • Full flash web sites building and design.
  • Flash intro pages.
  • Integrated Flash modules (ideal when SEO has a top importance).
  • Flash-based banners and icons design.
  • Combining video, audio, animation, text and graphics for creating excellent user experience.
  • Flash-based tutorials.
  • Creative team that will integrate the flash technology, in a way that is aligned with your whole marketing image.